Survey On Models Who Are Doing Their College In UK

Recent surveys done on a majority of the girls offering escort services across the UK have painted a hitherto unknown picture; it has emerged that a majority of these escorts are part time college and university students. While this may not appear as complete news to some, it is nonetheless something worth taking note of considering where the escort industry has come from over the years.


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In yester years, escorts and the escort industry were generally viewed on the same lenses that most people view brothels with. However, things have changed over time; today, there are escort agencies that have truly upped their game, and invested in high class, refined and polished escort girls. No wonder most of them are no longer the desperate losers in life who would often flock to offer escort services out of desperation. The average escort in the UK today is young, beautiful, educated, and often with a side job.

  • Recent surveys have shown that most of the escorts you’re likely to find in some of the top escort agencies in the UK are college girls.
  • Most are from well of families, and although most are in it to make an extra coin to compliment their broke student life, others are in it for the excitement and passion of meeting new people, and for the companionship it offers.
  • Thanks to the internet and the emergence of online platforms like social media, most of these escorts prefer to operate in the shadows of internet anonymity. This helps them live a double life; a student by day, an escort by night.
  • The fact that most of these escorts are young and educated college or university students means that they have greatly revolutionalized the industry. Their clients include the elite, successful men; men who have made it in life, and wish to spend some quality time with these teenage beauties once in a while they are the best high class escorts
  • In yester years, escort services were readily available for any gentleman as long as he had money. These college girls have set the bar higher; they are choosy, they have the looks, the brains, and besides your money, they want someone who is respectful and capable of treating them like a lady.
  • Surveys have also pointed out that men from far and wide are trooping to escort agencies that have more of these college girls, compared to those that don’t! Some of the leading escort agencies like Dolls and Roses that have a huge number of college girls in their escorts have witnessed unprecedented rises in clients seeking to book these teenage beauties like Kensington escorts


Indeed, the future of the escort industry in the UK is hinged on these hot college girls; few men can resist their stunning allures and beauty.

What Fighters Know That You Don’t: 5 Facts For Losing Fat (Martial Arts)

Martial arts is an interesting sport, we all get thrilled by the lighting fast moves, the demonstrations, and even the flexibility exhibited. However, the interesting thing is that most martial arts are slender, very toned and with chiseled bodies. Unlike boxing, and other sports where one needs to have a “heavy body”, martial arts is all about having a chiseled upper body and very stable lower body. Why is this?

  • Like any professional martial arts expert will tell you, the sport involves a lot of movements, jumping, changing positions, throwing punches, kicks, dodging, and so on so forth. In other words, the training one undergoes is always intense and is a good cardio vascular exercise.
  • Martial art fighters in their training, usually undergo a lot of work outs. These workouts include pushups; sit ups, all which help loose the belly fat. And not just lose the belly fat, but also help build sic pack “cubes” that so many people yearn for. You’ll never see any martial arts fighter with a protruding belly, or the side fat found around the hips.
  • Fat has a habit of accumulating around the thighs, both for men and women. The perfect way to get rid of this fat is by enrolling for martial arts classes. Martial arts greatly involve the use of kicks, from different angles and positions. When you throw a karate chop kick, or side kick, you stretch your leg and help expand and grow your muscles. For ladies who want to look nice in jeans or in shorts, then a martial arts class is the way to go. It’s a perfect way to get toned, athletic legs.
  • Generally, experts have estimated that a single martial arts workout or session helps humans burn anything from 500 to 2000 calories. You can then imagine if you are training for one hour each day, and training for 3 or 4 days a week. In a month or so, you’ll have helped burn so many calories that even your physique will show it.
  • Martial arts also help boost your self esteem and confidence. Many people battling with weight loss will instantly start noticing that they are more confident, they are more confident with their image.


There are various forms of martial arts, and each is good for helping you lose some fat.

By: Andrew Charalambous

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